Work abroad: the learning experience for a winning curriculum

If you have just finished your studies and feel ready to live a truly engaging work experience, you may not find it around the corner. You probably already know this, but you also know that you have all what it takes to play your game in the job market: you have energy to spare, valid skills and the desire to build a solid future, not only from an economic point of view. 


How much is a work experience abroad worth in your CV? A lot. 


The curriculum vitae after a period of work in international contexts will be much more competitive because you can offer:


  • fluent knowledge of one or more languages: this is required in most companies, and will play a key role in your professional future. The linguistic factor has a great importance on the success of job search, due to the high demand for foreign languages in a labor market increasingly globalized;
  • acquisition of technical skills specific to a company culture different from the Italian one;
  • increased capacity to adapt to changes: giving up the known and reassuring dynamics of the place where you grew up will teach you to react quickly and positively to new situations, unexpected or critical;
  • emotional maturity and ability to listen: tearing yourself away from the family and organize everyday life relying exclusively on your strengths will make you more enterprising, organized and confident. The interaction with new colleagues or friends from
    educational experiences other than yours, with different habits and cultures, will teach you to actively listen to others for
    building positive human and professional relationships.


Expatriate, but where?


Dubai is the ideal destination in order to  make formative experiences working side by side with many experts from all over the world. Getting in touch with recruiters and companies potentially interested in your profile is easier than it looks: Dubai4talents is a unique virtual event, created to facilitate the meeting between companies and talents with a focus on Italian professionals. Here you will find a 100% virtual and accessible environment, visit the stands of the attending companies and apply for positions of your interest.


From virtual to real! Here’s what you’ll find in Dubai.


Bustling economy, advanced services, impressive architecture, glamorous atmosphere, multicultural and competitive working environment. This is Dubai and if you feel ready for an exciting work experience you are in the right place! According to the report of Boston Consulting Group “Decoding Global Talent, Onsite and Virtual”, Dubai is confirmed as one of the most popular destinations for professionals from all over the world. The outcome? A city with 80% of expatriate workers, a unique reality of its kind where to live an enriching experience from a human and cultural point of view and, let’s not forget, economically very advantageous. With your tax-free income, you can achieve a high standard of living and see your savings rise until you decide to pack your bags and come back home!