Work experience in Dubai, a safe investment

If you are thinking of doing a work experience that enhances your curriculum vitae on your return to Italy, Dubai is the most incredible destination you can choose. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a lively and cosmopolitan setting!


Dubai, UAE’s tourist capital, offers Italian talents numerous professional opportunities through the innovative selection process of Dubai4talent, the virtual event that simplifies the meeting between companies, recruiters and candidates. Easily accessible and 100% digital.


A benefit for your cv and your finances


On the way back to Italy you can count on connections of great value: you will have improved your language skills, had a fantastic experience with trained professionals in different productive realities with hard skills of business cultures that you never thought you could approach: a tax on a large part of the assets has only been introduced in the Dubai tax regime since 2016, but there is no tax on earned income.


Are there economic policies in favor of gender equality in the United Arab Emirates?

Yes, the United Arab Emirates offer the same salary for men and women. The United Arab Emirates Labor Act of 1980 already provides for women workers to be paid a salary equal to man, by doing the same amount of work. In 2018, the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates passed a law on equal wages and salaries for women and men. The United Arab Emirates has established special policies that promote the participation and representation of women in all areas, at local, regional and international level.


A safe coexistence between different cultures


Dubai is the city with the highest population density in the Arab Emirates. Over 80% of residents come from other nations, a mix made possible with a particular focus on the development policies of a culture of tolerance and coexistence.

In the UAE, the “Anti-discrimination and Hate Law” fights any form of discrimination based on religion, caste, religious belief, doctrine, race, skin color or ethnic origin. Law No. 02 of 2015 criminalizes all acts that fuel religious hatred and insult religion through any form of expression, whether verbal or written in books, brochures or online media.


Living and working in one of the safest cities in the world


Dubai is a bustling city: futuristic attractions, endless shopping malls, trendy rooftop bars, beach clubs and exclusive clubs make Dubai one of the world’s entertainment capitals.  Among its futuristic skyscrapers, there is no space for boredom and if you love sports, you will find facilities with pools that have no equal in the world as the Deep Dive Dubai or artificial indoor ski slopes, where you can ski even when outside there are forty degrees! And this happens in a city with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The security service entrusted to the Dubai Police keeps an eye on life outside the home but, through an internet connection, it is also structured to offer a free house security service in case of absence of the owners during the holidays.


Move safely, even on your own


Over the years Dubai has become more and more family friendly but if you move to work and live as a single person you can count on efficient services always active. Taxis are a safe, cheap and well-regulated means of transport. In the emirate of Dubai there are pink taxis led by women to transport women and families in total safety, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The transport network, safe and constantly expanding, includes rental cars, two glittering fully automated subway lines, buses, sea taxis, trolleys and the monorail that runs through the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. It’s worth a ride, don’t you think?