Living and moving around in Dubai: is it really that difficult?

Living in Dubai is the dream of millions of tourists and a growing number of professionals, workers, entrepreneurs, and investors attracted by the flourishing economy and the light tax regime. The multicultural and service-rich city is the ideal destination for a rewarding experience to deal with multicultural and modern working environments under attractive economic conditions.

How to look for the ideal job opportunity in Dubai?

In addition to the possibility to search directly for work on the spot within the time allowed by a tourist visa (90 days for travelers from Italy) and the consultation of ads on specialized websites, you have the opportunity to explore companies looking for staff by enrolling in Dubai4talents. The event, available from any device and 100% digital, allows you to get to know the best companies in Dubai and apply for open positions within an engaging and innovative selection process.

Did you find the right opportunity? Here the reason to accept it

Among the advantages of a working experience in Dubai is certainly the economic aspect. The Dubai Tax Income Decree, signed in 1969, does not provide for almost any form of taxation on residents. No taxes on individuals or financial income, no VAT, no deductions. The fact of being able to receive tax-free remuneration allows you to earn enough to maintain a good lifestyle by seeing your savings increase!

Another advantage to consider in the future is the undoubted added value that your resume will have by doing work experience abroad. On the way back to Italy it will be easier for you to relocate and get better working conditions: you will have experienced the work in modern and structured companies, had a fantastic experience with trained professionals, you will have strengthened your soft skills and improved your language skills. Making a career in flourishing economic places like Dubai takes less time than the traditional path of growth within companies in countries with weaker economies. On your return you can easily submit your application for roles that otherwise you could only approach in several years!



Housing and transport: 2 disadvantages?

  • The cost of rents.
    Housing solutions in Dubai increasingly meet the housing needs of foreign workers. Housing prices, although high, are comparable to those of the main economic capitals of the West and in Dubai are not a problem thanks to the benefits of a light tax regime and the general decrease in the cost of living. The United Arab Emirates, as it emerges from the Cost of Living Index 2021 are now more accessible thanks to a significant reduction in rental costs and property prices;
  • intense traffic.
    Dubai is a metropolis in continuous expansion, inhabited by 3 million residents and visited by 20 million tourists every year. Public transport infrastructure and network had to expand rapidly; The Dubai Road and Transport Authority was established in 2005, and over 15 years public transport networks have expanded to include subways, trams, buses, water taxis and ride-hailing services with conventional cars and electric cars. In addition, there are a few days left before the inauguration of the Virgin Hyperloop One, the underground transport system that provides pods launched inside vacuum tubes at high speed. The multimillion-dollar project aims to shorten commuting times between Dubai and Abu Dhabi from more than 1 hour to 12 minutes. In the most modern metropolis of the planet the problem of traffic has the hours counted!