How to find a job in Dubai and get your resident visa

Want to get the most out of your job? Dubai is the perfect city to make a career and earn a great salary. Opportunities addressed to expert profiles and middle management are attractive for anyone who wants to have an educational life and work experience. As well as take advantage from tax-free and withholding pay conditions, working in Dubai you will experience the daily life of a city projected towards the future. Its thriving economy is a call for professionals of all nationalities: over 80% of residents are foreign workers. A truly unique multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-denominational city!


How can you get a visa to live and work in Dubai?


To move to Dubai and immerse yourself in the lively daily life of the world’s most modern metropolis you simply need to find a job!

To find the right job in Dubai you have 3 options:

  • reach Dubai on a 90-day tourist visa, and start your search in the city. You will have the advantage of immersing yourself in the city life, but you will have to bear high travel and living costs and take the risk of not finding the best work opportunity before the expiry of your tourist visa;
  • check the qualified web sites for the selection of company staff in Dubai, check the ads, do targeted searches to ensure that the company and the proposed role are in line with your ambitions, not only economically. Find out if your goals, working atmosphere and vision are in line with your wishes and if future developments and projects are planned,
  • visit Dubai4talents the 100% digital event, available from any device, specifically dedicated to Italian professionalism. The virtual stands to explore with total freedom allow you to get to know the best companies in Dubai and the available positions. Once you have found the right company, submit your application and propose yourself for a video interview with the dedicated recruiters.


You found work: what about the visa?

Upon signing the contract, the employer becomes your “sponsor” and is responsible for the payment of recruitment fees under the United Arab Emirates Labor Act. The sponsoring company completes the formalities related to health care, the identity card for residents of the United Arab Emirates (Emirates ID), the work card and the stamping of the work permit on your passport.

During the job search is there any risk for fraud on contracts and visas?

Yes, but you can identify them by following the directions provided by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation. You can, for example, verify the validity of the job offer received on the MOHRE website (job request service – status of the application) or ensure that the company legally exists by consulting the national economic register.

Can you start working with a tourist visa?

Absolutely not: if a company offers you a job in the United Arab Emirates, it must provide you with an offer letter released by MOHRE, the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation of the United Arab Emirates. In no case will you be allowed to work with tourist visa, in that case you would face severe sanctions and immediate expulsion!